A Deeper Look

Engage is about change: a change in continents, scenery, sounds and tastes. But more importantly, it’s about a change in worldview. You’ll be amazed at the change that takes place in your heart as well as in the lives of the 20 Asian teenagers you’ll invest in. Begin the summer as their foreign teacher, and after they get a glimpse into your life, you’ll end the summer as their lifelong friend. Past Engage teachers have said their time with ELIC was the moment that changed their worldview forever.

you have 4 unique options to chose from

  • Engage Mainland China (4 weeks): 1 week in HK + 3 weeks teaching in Mainland China.
  • Engage Vietnam (4 weeks): 1 week HK + 3 weeks teaching in Vietnam
  • Engage Mongolia (5 weeks): 5 weeks in Mongolia.
  • Engage Hong Kong SAR (5 weeks): 4 weeks in HK + 1 week on a vision trip to Laos, Cambodia, Mainland China or Vietnam – countries where ELIC has a long-term presence.

what is each location like?

The 4 locations are very different. Each one offers something unique and distinct.

Mainland China — Your team will teach in one of the many large cities of this constantly growing country. You’ll fall in love with a beautiful, kind and caring people living at the crossroads of old and new Asia. You’ll experience a bustling, modern superpower with rich and fascinating ancient traditions.

Vietnam — Your team will live and teach in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. Southeast Asia is one of the most vibrant regions on the planet and Hanoi sits right in the heart of it all. Hanoi is home to some of the most endearing, loveable people anywhere.

Mongolia — A rural setting awaits teachers going to this pristine location set two hours outside the capital, Ulaanbaatar. Engage Mongolia is the perfect fit for the adventurous type. It’s insanely beautiful, with rolling landscapes and roaring rivers.

Hong Kong SAR — A huge, international metropolis, Hong Kong is our fast-paced, bright lights big city option. As you teach, your team will encounter the unmatched energy of Southeast Asia’s most captivating, cultural melting pot. Teams will spend their last week enjoying an unforgettable vision tour to Laos, Cambodia, Mainland China or Vietnam.

who is ELIC?

English Language Institute/China has been sending Christians to Asia for over 30 years to teach conversational English and build lasting friendships. We are in Asia by invitation of the governments we serve and have been blessed by strong relationships with these governments. In addition to Engage, ELIC has a variety of long-term service options including the amazing 11-month Teaching Fellowship Program for recent college graduates.

who should apply?

  • College students with at least one semester of college experience.
  • People with native-like English fluency
  • People committed to serving on a team

how to apply?

It’s easy. Do one of the following.

typical day of engage.

Start each day off with 3 hours of conversational English teaching to your own class of 20 teenagers. Engage is designed for all majors, so even if you have no experience in the classroom, we will equip you! This classroom time is meant to be fun, dynamic and interactive. No lectures. No tests.

Once teaching is over, you and your teammates will come together to conduct 3 hours of high-energy games and cultural presentations for all your students combined. These are outside the classroom activities and create opportunities for amazing conversations with your students. Afternoons are when student/teacher friendships are taken to the next level.

Evenings are spent primarily with your team. Not only will you need time to plan for the next day, but you’ll also enjoy a time of intentional community, fellowship, and reflection. Some evenings, your team will be invited by your students to hang out off campus. This means exploring the city, experiencing local markets, and investing time in the relationships you’re forming.

will I go alone?

No! You will serve on a team of 7 to 9 like-minded university students + 1 team leader. Your team will become your family — the bond you build with your team will last forever. Each summer, Engage sends over 150 university students to Asia.

here to help you!

ELIC staff will assist you every step of the way before, during and even after your journey to Asia. Upon arrival in Hong Kong SAR or Mongolia for orientation, ELIC will be there for you. And they will be with you each step of the way during this amazing experience.